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Motorcycling; Mountain Biking; Hiking; Climbing; Fishing; Boating; Hunting; Rodeo; Site Seeing; Caving; ATV'ing; Music; Breweries; Snow Shoeing; Old West History; Photography; Archery; Helicopter Touring; Photography; Kayaking; Horseback Riding; Camping; Snowmobiling; Jeep Touring; Rock Hounding; Shooting; Gaming, Snow Skiing; Shopping; and much more...


Sturgis; Deadwood; The Dignity Monument; Mount Rushmore; Crazy Horse; Lake Pactola; Devil's Tower; Custer State Park; Wind Cave; Bear Butte; Black Elk Mountain; Sylvan Lake; The 1880's Train; Amazing Motorcycle Rides; The Mammoth Site; Devil's Bathtub; Michelson Trail; Abundant Wildlife; The Homestake Opera House; Spearfish Canyon; The Badlands; The Wild Horse Sanctuary; The Homestake Mine; Sheridan Lake; Inyan Kara; Sand Creek; Deerfield Lake, to name just a few.


Tally's Silver Spoon; Delmonico Grill; Minerva's; The Wine Cellar; Botticelli; The Alpine Inn; Black Hills Burger and Bun; Skogen Kitchen; Legends Steakhouse; Steerfish Steak & Smoke; Guadalajar Mexican Restaurant, and many more...


Bring your motorcycle, or rent one here at Black Hills Harley Davidson (a stone's throw from the UPB). Come ride the Hills, or come to The Rally! (Sturgis, dummy) The best motorcycle highways, byways and trails in all the United States are right here in the Black Hills. So get leathered up and hit the road...there is nothing like it! You know're no biker if you haven't been to Sturgis!....seriously!


If you like mountain biking, or hiking, or cross-country skiing, or snow-shoeing, this 109 mile trail from Edgemont to Deadwood is perfect. As a no motorized vehicle sanctuary for the self powered enthusiast this trail will give you an up front and personal look at a large swath of the Black Hills. You will travel alongside old mines, over railroad bridges and through tunnels built in an entirely different time. History and the quiet, stoic beauty of that and nature as it was, and still is, will creep into your bones along this trail. It and all along it will make you different, better, and happy. There are miles and miles of mountain biking trials in the Black Hills aside from the get out there and enjoy riding in one the prettiest places anywhere. As a'll probably have it all to yourself.


Go Climbing! Heck,....Climb Devil's Tower! If you have ever wanted to test yourself physically and mentally - test the threshold of where you will go and what you are capable something risky...check your something that not too many other humans have ever done, or ever will. Climb Devil's Tower. Great place and great people. Then, after you've checked it out, and perhaps driven up there a time or two to take a look (about an hour northwest of the UPB), get your ass in shape and make a plan - man up (or cowgirl up as the case may be) and do it. It will be one of the greatest experiences of your life! The Black Hills has some of the most dramatic and interesting granite formations in all the world. Well, it does...and it makes for some of the best climbing in the country. That is why some of the best climbers in the world live here. So, if Devil's Tower is a bit much, then start smaller. Hook up with one of the local climb shops, find a guide, take a lesson or two and try your hand at it. Climb something! Climbing is an amazing sport and worthy of your exploration while here at the UPB in the Black Hills. Seriously, The UPB can hook you up.


Hike to the top of Black Elk Peak (formerly Harney Peak), or to the top of Bear Butte. Black Elk is a little farther to and from the top but both are doable day hikes. You will get great exercise and enjoy stunning views. Bear Butte is the iconic geological formation just outside Sturgis; and, at 7, 244 feet, Black Elk is the highest peak between the Atlantic Ocean and the Rockies. On top of Bear Butte you will find a spacious wooden platform where you can rest and take in views that stretch for miles in every direction. Part of what you will see below is the old Deadwood wagon trail and Sturgis Lake. When you climb Black Elk you start at Sylvan Lake, which in itself is a great place to spend a day hiking, swimming, boating, fishing and/or rock climbing. With granite formations towering all around Sylvan Lake is truly majestic. From Sylvan Lake the trail to the summit of Black Elk is about 3 1/2 miles up, and the same coming down. At the top is an old fire tower built from stone that for many years has withstood the challenges of time and weather. It is a worthy end to your climb. On the way down there are alternative trails you can take that will change the distance somewhat... but all are relatively easy and the scenery is stunning.


Get at least one day of site seeing into your schedule. You could do at least three full site seeing days here in the Black Hills and not be feeling like...I'm bored...this sucks...I wanna go home. Each day would be different and fantastic. Here is just one suggestion that would be great. Get up about 7:00 a.m., or whenever, head into Rapid City and have breakfast at Tally's Silver Spoon. Afterward, drive....


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